Friday, 25 January 2013


In this class, I liked The Buried Life, Bucket list project because I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt that I'm a complexe yet simplistic person because some items on my list were as simple as "Pet a sheep" or "Slow dance in the pouring rain while others were more about traveling and actually having to put in effort like "Spend an entire year in the Philippines" or "Learn Latin". I liked what I learnt about myself while doing this project and I loved coming up with more things for my list. 

My least favourite assignment in this class was the Twitter fiction. It was really frustrating to have to pay attention to the character count and subtract words that were really important to the story. I'm the kind of person who really enjoys writing long stories with really descriptive words but with twitter fiction, I found myself getting frustrated due to having to pay attention to all the little things, such as the character count. 

I found Friday reading to be really relaxing. I for one, really love reading and the way it can take you away to a new place with every page turned. I liked starting my fridays off with a class of reading knowing I had a busy day ahead of me. It was just a really good experience and I wish more teachers did this. I liked the idea of post it notes because it really helped me when I did the monday reading reflections. They were sometimes hard to write because I had to explain some parts of the book and I didn't want other people to have spoilers before reading the book.

I actually really loved the blogging. It shows a more personal side to each person and afterwards, I felt like I actually personally knew each and every person whose blog I read. It made me feel a bit comfortable, knowing that I could expose myself with words like that without having to watch the person react personally to it. Tweeting on the other hand... I just really didn't like because of the way it subtracted a lot from that I really wanted to say. Subtraction may help with blackout poetry, but I found it a bit annoying when it came to tweeting. It was a good idea in theory, but it was hard to make it function when you actually came to do it. 

What I learnt about myself was that I'm a complexe person with different moods to match my everyday life. It affects my writing and my eagerness to work and sometimes that helped or didn't help me do much. I found myself to actually develop as a writer. It gave me some hope and a knowing that I actually can write. 

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