Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rambling Autobiography

Rambling Biography

I was named after a flower. I have one too many sisters. I've been called disturbed and disrupted yet am loved by many others. I consider The Philippines my home. When someone asks what I am, I tell them; "3 stars and a sun". I come from a musical family. Music and writing is what keeps me going. Whenever I have a sharpie in my hand, I must write on something. Sometimes I like writing in a book more than I like people. My favourite book series is Harry Potter. My favourite book is "The Notebook". I love History and English. I play ukulele and guitar. I remember my mother running past me in tears at her brothers funeral. I tried running away when I was 8. I've never sent a note to someone I like with a yes/no/maybe checkbox. I can never listen to mainstream music. I love swinging. I want to be a bird. I'm truly a dreamer.

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