Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bucketlist :)

1.       Compose a song
2.       Get a tattoo
3.       Play hide and seek in Ikea
4.       See the Lion King on Broadway
5.       Marry Alex Gaskarth. Meet All Time Low
6.       Learn Japanese and teach English overseas
7.       Go to an airport, bags packed and just buy a random ticket and go
8.       Sing and play ukulele with Jack Johnson
9.       Meet the cast of Harry Potter
10.   Go to New Zealand and pet a sheep
11.   Sing in front of a huge crowd
12.   Meet the Hemsworths
13.   Swim with Manatees
14.   Get the leading role in a play
15.   Meet Ed Sheeran
16.   Skydive
17.   Have my dad walk me down the aisle
18.   Get to know a killer
19.   Learn to speak Latin
20.   Write a book with Nicholas Sparks
21.   Swim in the dead sea
22.   Have a family
23.   Go to Paris and speak French for an entire day
24.   Be kissed on the top of a Ferris Wheel
25.   Go to every Disney park
26.   Lie under a the stars on the Beach
27.   Spend New Year’s in Hawaii
28.   Learn to love myself
29.   Make a pillow fort
30.   Write a book with John Green
31.   Tell someone how I really feel
32.   Go to the Thames river
33.   Get kissed under a mistletoe
34.   Walk in Memphis
35.   Sing with Michael Buble
36.   Give minor surgery
37.   Visit a haunted house
38.   Get a Harvard sweater
39.   Spend a year in the Philippines
40.   Prove Richard wrong
41.   Let a lantern fly
42.   Attend the Lantern festival in Taiwan
43.   Be a busker at the Forks
44.   Go to Warped Tour
45.   Meet a pen pal in real life
46.   Hug a koala
47.   Visit ever Ivy League school and get a sweatshirt from each one
48.   Watch every episode of Law and Order SVU
49.   See Japan during their Sakura festival
50.   Go to Japan during their Tanabata festival
51.   Work at Disneyland/World as a character
52.   Go to Hawaii and play a ukulele
53.   Audition for a talent show
54.   Walk through a ghost town
55.   Throw a drink at someones face
56.   Receive a promise ring
57.   Be in two places at once
58.   Cover my room in song lyrics, lights and pictures
59.   Slow dance in the pouring rain
60.   Attach a lock to the love bridge
61.   Visit Juliets balcony in Italy
62.   Be about to get onto a plane, leaving somewhere but be chased through the airport by the guy I love
63.   See Acropolis
64.   Go through the Melissani cave on a boat
65.    Attend a masquerade in a ball gown and mask
66.   Send a message in a bottle
67.   Drive an old vintage car
68.   Stay in the Tree House hotel in Costa Rica
69.   Attend an authentic Polynesian Luau
70.   Bury this list in a time capsule and dig it back up in 60 years to cross out what I’ve done.
71. Become more than just a name and a face. 

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