Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reading & Writing reflection #10

Writing Perspective; writing my twitter fiction was honestly a bit hard. I didn’t like that I couldn’t be as a descriptive as I usually am with stories. Some successes of mine were when I was writing it and found out that everything I wanted to say could fit into the 140 character limit, or when I had a VSS and learnt I could fit it all into one tweet. Some frustrations I had were when I had a really good creative idea for a tweet and realised I couldn’t fit it all into the 140 character limit. I like being really descriptive with my writing but with the limit I had to subtract a lot from what I wanted to say. I learnt a lot about myself as an author like I don’t really like having a limit when writing a short story or that I had to separate what I wanted to say into different tweets because I couldn’t fit it into one. In my opinion, long stories separated into tweets takes away from everything else you usually find in a long story. I didn’t really feel much different about publishing myself on twitter than publishing my work on my blog.

Reading Perspective; I read a bunch of different twitter fictions because I couldn’t find one I could simply get really really into. It just didn’t appeal to me at all, so I went and explored my classmates twitter. From our class, I read the twitter fiction of Jacqueline, Taylor and Christie because I usually enjoy the things that they publish onto their blogs. They’re really amazing writers. One thing that really surprised me was when I went to go read Christies tweets. She wrote a long extended story that was nothing like her at all. It was a nice surprise.

About Twitter; This assignment didn’t really change my perspective of twitter because I use twitter every day and it didn’t feel that much different, other than the frustration with the 140 characters. I don’t really have another idea for how we could use twitter.

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