Friday, 14 December 2012

Personal Addition; Newtown Shooting.

 I'd just like to post something about this recent shooting. I feel that it is important.

This is absolutely disgusting. There was an elementary school shooting today in Connecticut. 28 people died, 18 being little innocent children. How can one do this? Walk into a school and just shoot so many to death? They had bright futures ahead of them, one could’ve been the next president if they had gotten the chance to merely live out their dream. They were innocent, practically babies if you think about it, They never got to experience the harsh world, they were sheltered and kept under care. Now they’ll never get to experience what this will be like.

Imagine how the deceased parents must feel.
“Hello there, Miss/Mrs./Mr____ I’m sorry, but your child will not be coming home today”
Imagine how their world turned dark. How their blood ran cold as these words start to sink in. Imagine the tears. The pain and suffering and the regret that ran through their heads. Imagine the “What ifs” Imagine how they must feel. Words start to turn to lead as they lose power and cry. Their beautiful child, now dead. Parents should never have to bury their children.

 Imagine how those with children must feel. Imagine how they have to answer the question “What happened to____ (deceased)” as their little child looks up at them with big eyes as you have to explain that a bad man walked into a building that they deemed safe and shot their friends to death. Imagine the tears and having to hold them as they cried, their little bodies pressed against you, beating strong as some parents will never be able to feel that happen again.

Please. Keep this in remembrance.
Rest In Peace, everyone affected by this tragedy.
Dear Lord, 28 angels are coming home today. 

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