Monday, 1 October 2012

6 Word Memoir #2

Writers note: This honestly speaks to me so much. This was a lesson that I had to learn myself, the hard way. I feel that this will speak to a lot of other people the same way it spoke to me.


  1. I adore you and this memoir. I agree 100%. I too have struggles with eating disorders. It never truly goes away, but you can always gain confidence and lean on others to help you through it. As long as you like how you look, dont let a scale define how your supposed to look. Your beautiful just the way you are and you dont have to change for anyone!

  2. Hi I'm Victoria and I really liked this post. It made me feel kinda not alone in the fact that for awhile in my first year of high school I was struggling with my weight and who I was

  3. Such a powerful image and phrase. Those numbers can be all too defining to our worth as women.