Monday, 29 October 2012

Reading Reflection #7

Date; October 29 2012
Book: Cell by Stephen King
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These past 4 days I’ve been reading Cell by Stephen King. It was the first Stephen King book I have ever read and needless to say, I now see why everyone reads his books. The detail he puts into every sentence is truly amazing. Although I enjoyed the book, I had many questions. I think it may be because I read entirely too fast.

One question I had was “What happened to Alice?” In the book, it says that Alice arrives all bloody and teary. I understood the tearing up part but I did not get why she was bloody. While wondering that, I had made the prediction that Alice was not who she really was and that she would turn against Tom and Clay near the end. It’s revealed later in the book that Alice had to fight against the phoners who were trying to attack her thus making her bloody. She was scared and she had to fight against her own mother. The prediction I had made about her before had not come true. Alice stays true to everyone to her last breath.
While reading, I had made the prediction that Clay’s son and wife had died and attacked by a phoner. Surprisingly, this prediction did come true. Just… not in the way you’d expect it to. It caught me off guard that Sharon had become a phoner and almost attacked Johnny. So I suppose, in a way she is dead but a different kind of death. This was very different to me. A lot of books I have read would’ve killed her off but I suppose Stephen King is a different kind of author. He puts a lot of thought into his book and I was surprised by how good I could picture the scene in my head.

My last question about this book was How does it all end?! The ending really left me wanting more. I know he probably won’t create a follow up book but if there’s anything I hate more than a badly written book, it’s a cliff hanger. The ending really left me wondering what happened to Johnny. The way it worked was the virus had everyone turning into zombies but like the way computers work, there was a worm in it. Johnny got a less insane version of the worm and is basically broken. Clay tries to reverse the process by putting the cell phone to his ear and then we do not know what happens afterwards. I really enjoyed this book. The detail is really well thought out and it’s the perfect mix of gore and suspense/mystery. I’d love to read a follow up novel but I suppose the purpose of a cliff hanger is to leave you in thought for a bit.
Thank you for reading!

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