Thursday, 4 October 2012

Personal Addition; Writing Prompt; Wedding Vows.

*** Hi guys! :) This was my writing prompt. 
" Write wedding vows. The bride is 35, It's her first wedding. The groom is 48 and it's his third go round at the altar" 

As you can see, I decided to add some backstory to it. It's cheesy and I suppose romantic, but um. yeah. Enjoy! :) 


She looks up at his handsome time kissed face. Wedding Day. Lenore Preas was finally going to be Lenore James. She had always dreamt of her dream wedding; Traditional with her own little modern twist. She had never thought she’d be marrying someone who was 13 years older than herself.

 But here she was, in her silk and lace wedding dress that had a sweetheart neckline with no straps. She had her chestnut brown hair curled and it cascaded down her neck like a waterfall. Pearl pink lipstick with a touch of brown eye shadow and mascara finished her look. She stood there, feeling like a princess in a fairytale as she looked up at the man she loved the most.

"Third time’s the charm" Franklin James said to himself in his head as he adjusted his tie, His through seemingly getting more and more dry as each second ticked by. He glanced down at his tiny wife to be. She was short, standing at 5"4 as he towered over her with his height of 6"1. He had been married before. Twice to be exact. The other times had not gone so well and he soon started thinking he'd never be able to find his true love. 2 times it took, and neither had the love he felt with Lenore.

His first wife, her name being Nancy Davis was his high school sweetheart. They married at 17, a week after they had graduated and a week before Franklin had to leave to fight in the great World War. He supposed it had been just a bit too early to be married but they had sworn forever to each other. As soon as they had won the war, Franklin came home to find Nancy 6 months pregnant with tears in her eyes. He had been gone for 3 years, 3 long years without her. He had missed her so much, but Nancy obviously felt differently. She had gotten cozy with the local barber and had a child with him. With that, Franklin threw his wedding ring into the river along with the shattered remains of his heart and dreams of their suppose-to-be future.

His second wife, her name was Amelie. She was little French beauty he had picked up when he toured France after leaving Nancy, 7 years afterwards. He supposed he let himself fall a little too fast and just a tiny bit too hard. She was a ballerina who performed in a lot of local ballets. She was graceful and just so amazing to look at. Every time she jumped into the air to perform a move he found himself holding his breath, as if taking a breath while this beautiful little lady jumped would break her. He was sure she'd be the one. They dated for roughly 2 years before he got onto his knee and proposed. They had an amazing 5 year run at a marriage but it soon started to deteriorate due to Amelie getting too involved with her charming dance partner. Franklin tried so hard to keep them together but realised it was far too broken to fix. They soon got divorced after, leaving Franklin in tears and Amelie in the arms of Pierre, Her dance partner.

He promised himself he'd never love again. Women were nothing but stealers of the heart, A waste of tears and broken promises. He stayed single for many years afterwards, Building a small company that escalated into huge branches. Soon Franklin was one of the richest men in town with one of the worst reputations. One day, Franklin had been sitting in a cafe when little Miss Lenore Preas walked in, soaking wet from the rain. He knew he'd never see her more beautiful.

They had talked for hours, laughing and sharing their life story with each other. Franklin found his heart to be melting every time this wonderful lady smiled at him. With her, He had felt this sense of security he never felt with Nancy or Amelie. She made him feel like she'd never hurt him or love him less. Every time their lips met, it took him straight to cloud 9 and kept him holding her tighter than ever.

It was 21 years after Amelie and he had found her. The woman he'd spend forever with. There he stood at the altar, looking at her like it was the first time he'd ever seen her. He felt tears trickle down as he held her hand she spoke out her vows

"Franklin Mario James, I vow to love you with everything I am. I know you've gone through times where things were hard and other women only failed you. I know it took 21 years for you to even look at another women but I vow to love you forever. You're my guardian angel. I keep my heart with you. I leave it with you to hold and love. I love you Mon Cherie" she said, with tears sparkling in her eyes.

He looked down at her, Tears threatening to take over him as he spoke in a loud and strong voice

"Lenore Kathleen Preas, I vow to love you. I vow to cherish and to love you in all your forms. This is a once in a lifetime love and let it be known that yes, I have had 2 failed marriages but I know those don't even hold a candle to what we have now. Before I guess I never knew what love was. I suppose 3 times really is the charm, I would know this because you're mine now. I promise you, when we're at our dying ends, you'll know how it feels to be loved every second for the rest of your life.  I promise I'll be yours, present and future and forever. I love you my darling"

He ended his vows in a tear choked sobs as the Priest finally said what he had been waiting for for a long time. Franklin felt like time was standing still as he tried to picture this moment forever. Lenore, looking beautiful and up at him with happy tears in her eyes. All he could smell was her perfume. Lavender, vanilla and just certain freshness she seemed to carry.

"You may now kiss the bride" said the Priest as Lenore and Franklin smiled at each other and he took her in his arms and promised their forever.

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  1. Wow Jasmine. You truly carried me into this mans life and how heartbreak can affect someone so strongly. I'm a true romantic so these kind of stories always get me going. I do have one question, although it would probably make your story a whole lot longer, why would a man, trust a woman so easily after two disastrous marriages? I don't believe it would be that easy for him to be so comfortable. Like i said i'm a big believer in romance but it usually takes a while for a bitter man to warm up to a woman. Please continue to write, i would love to read any more of your stories!