Monday, 1 October 2012

Personal Addition; Writing Collaboration

// This was a writing collaboration that I did with my friend Ryan about a year ago. I'm pretty proud of this, considering writing hasn't always been my thing.  

WARNING! This is also a bit violent with just a touch of gore. 


I sat, voluntarily paralysed, in a small chair, in a corner. I dared to speak.

  “…Calm down, come on,” I pleaded. I tensed, immediately regretful, bracing myself for a hit -

 But the man didn’t do much, simply applied more pressure to the pistol he held to my head. Bruises from previous hits ached with the pressure. I allowed myself to let out a soft sigh, relieved. I didn’t know this man, nor the reason behind his violence. I looked around the the apartment, looking, searching for a way out. Nothing. It doesn’t matter, anyway, I thought to myself. Had I found a way out, I would have been dead only a few moments after deciding to take it into action. I felt confused and terrified for my fate. Why me? Was I just a candidate along with everyone else and I was the lucky one he picked? I don’t understa- I refuse to understand this. I refuse to believe this was happening, and yet. Here I was, stuck and petrified in this small chair with no escape, with my life hanging by a thread as it flashed through my eyes.

1 second. I could be dead.
10 seconds. I could make an escape.
1 minute. I could talk him out of killing me.

I’m not hoping for the best. I can’t believe I was the one stuck to this chair with this strange man holding the cold steel against my head.  My bruises were pulsating as it started to turn the slightest bit purple.
ba dum – ba dum – ba dum

It’s all I could hear. My heartbeat thumping against my eardrums. It’s all I care about, keeping the pulse and staying alive. I can’t hear anything else, it’s just the heartbeat, over and over again.

He glares at me, and all I see is coldness. Eyes as cold as stone as he pulls the trigger. Suddenly, the world turns black. Blood splattered across the once white and pristine wall, and my body is slumped over the chair. Last thing I remember is the man’s heavy footsteps walking away and slamming the door.

Scarlet red blood is splattered.

Red. White. Simplicity.


  1. Wow Jasmine! This truly brought me right into the scene in which this was set. I'm into these sort of books myself but you did very good as describing everything within this mans head. Keep up the good work and write more! I would love to read any of your stories!

  2. I agree with Jacqueline!! When I finished reading that all I could really say was Wow! Have you wrote anymore since this one?

  3. Thank you so much! :)
    I've written one more, it's called Fog and it should be on the next page or something.