Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Personal Addition; Different. Ideas of love.

I really have no idea what inspired me to write this. I suppose it is more of another "rambling autobiography" although I wouldn't describe it as that. 

Is different too much to handle?

Unlike many of my friends, I don’t drink. I never party, and to be honest, I’d rather stay in and read rather than go out and socialise. That being said, I’d like to say I’m an introvert. I won’t reach out for help if I need it in fear that I will bother the person I’m reaching out to. If I do reach out to you, consider yourself a lucky person. I only have 2 safe people in my life that I will reach out to. I hate having many people around me and I suffer anxiety attacks when faced with crowds of people. I enjoy thinking and just simply listening to music. I've been told that I cannot take a joke for I am “far too serious” and that I don’t have many friends. I believe in the simpler things in life. I am a hopeless romantic and a hopeful dreamer. 

What happened to the soft spoken words and sweet nothings being whispered into a lover’s ear? What happened to just cuddling, enjoying the others embrace as you watch each other’s chest rise and fall in rhythm with a heart? What happened to simple little letters being left, with the signature and promise of a secret admirer? I despise how today’s society defines love as sex and just looks. I would not consider myself as a shallow person but I do know that looks do draw me in, but it’s personality I hold higher up than anything else. It makes me stay. What happened to the sweet names “Darling, sweetheart, honey”? Why did that turn into “babe, baby, cutie”? What happened to old school romances? Where the boy asks the girl’s father for permission to date her and where holding hands with endearing smiles was just as sweet as the first kiss? I wish our society hadn’t brought the sex factor into the idea of Love. I do know it’s a part of it, but it should not be everything. 

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