Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Twitter Fiction

For my twitter fiction, I decided to do a handful of little stories rather than one huge one. I believe I chose this option because I’m never very good at finishing long term things. I have never finished at least one chapter stories I’ve written due to the fact that I could easily change one thing and have it finish completely different than I originally wanted it to end. With twitter fiction, that was the case. I’d have a plot line and then complete change it but then I’d have to make the next few tweets fit the new plot. I’m not enjoying twitter fiction to be completely honest. I’m a writer who likes adding details to whatever she’s writing and with twitter fiction and the 140 character limit really limited my space to write what I wanted to.  

I had the biggest problem with the 140 character limit because I’d think of something really really good to write only to be discouraged that it could not work because it was too long and exceeded the 140 character limit. It was really hard to have all my stories fit inside 140 characters, spaces included. I would've much rather written a short story because they’re something I really enjoy doing. But, I guess it’s always good to try something new.

So far, I have at least 30 tweets for my story. However, I have one long story which is about 10-15 tweets long and I have little plot bunnies for the other ones. I feel like this was an okay negotiation because I never like finishing something long term nor do I enjoy leaving these little plot bunnies with nothing to add to them.

This is a definition of a plot bunny that I borrowed off the internet; an idea for a story, usually referring to an author having more ideas than he or she can use.

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